PHAS Realty, LLC is a real estate company based in Central Florida who is dedicated to help those that are losing their houses by providing quality information and expertise work to make them go through this process successfully.


PHAS Realty is composed of passionate brokers and realtors with over 20 years of combined experience in Real Estate sales, Real Estate Investing, and Short Sales.

Our team works hard to ensure that our clients and partners can obtain their goals while providing a smooth and seamless experience.


Our mission is to help those there are losing their houses to be able to sale them and be out of the hardship. We believe communication, education, and involvement are the key for success in this process.


That's why we want to help keep the dream alive by guiding them through the process in the most honest, transparent, and simplest way possible while providing exemplary customer service.


Most importantly, we want them to understand that no matter the situation you may be in, with Perseverance and a little helping hand they can attain the life of Happiness and Success they've always wanted.